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Talenta, olympic recurve bows from master craftsmen

In July 2017, I took over the company Talenta Hochleistungsbogenbau from Florian Reiss, which was founded by Werner Talenta in the late 1970s. After a very intensive training by Florian, the whole company was moved from Steinweiler in the Rhineland Palatinate to Wallern an der Trattnach in Upper Austria. Since then I have been practising this legendary bow making, so that they can once again make their entrance into the world of archery.

Due to the particularly careful choice of materials and handwork, the delivery time is four to six weeks.

Inquiries are gladly accepted under +43664/150 11 84.

Classic Talenta limbs carbon and "NEW" for risers with ILF-system!

Throwing arms are built in the usual quality according to the instructions of Florian Reiß. The construction of the limbs, the composition and sequence of the individual layers and the material correspond according to the original Talenta limbs. Of course, Werner's press is still in use. Some production mechanisms have been adapted and ILF-Talenta classic carbon limbs can be purchased here!