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Martin Kellermair

I was born in Upper Austria in 1973, father of 2 children and practice archery since 1986. Since 1999 I build traditional wooden bows.

Although I have always had great fun building wooden bows and probably never really finished, the Talenta bow has never let me go. At the beginning of my archery days, many good archers back then had a Talenta. Learning to make bows directly from Werner as a youngster was not possible.

In October 2016, I learned that Florian had closed his Talenta workshop. I knew immediately, the knowledge of this bow must live on.

After a personal meeting in spring 2017, it was easy for me to decide that I will realize my childhood dream to continue this bow making.

Knowledge and mystery!

Florian, thank you very much for taking over Talenta in 1996 and continuing this craft with much love and meticulousness until 2016. It was a great concern for you for 20 years to build the Talenta bow in the usual quality. That is exactly how you passed on this knowledge and secret to me.

I use all my experience and passion to continue to build the Talenta bow in the same high quality.