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Talenta archery riser from Austria

Connoisseurs and owners of a Talenta bow know that Werner Talenta has understood his craft. The geometry of the Talenta riser is perfectly matched to the geometry of the limbs. The result is a fast and harmonious shooting recurve bow.

Riser with 25", bow length adjustable by 2".

The limbs belong to the inner bushings fixed. If you mount the limbs on the outer bushings, the bow is 2" longer.

The aluminum-magnesium alloy used has been specially tuned for archery. Due to the casting process, an internal microstructure is achieved (cast structure) which allows optimal self-damping and shock absorption. This results in a calm and well balances bow.

All RAL colors or car paints are available as colors.
Also for LH archers.

Price € 850,00 incl. grip plate of choice, clicker and integra magnetic arrow rest.

Talenta riser Turnier Master RH / LH

Talenta riser badge

Talenta archers are well aware of the plaque on a Talenta bow, but Werner Talenta had only one variant of this plaque. Only on a LH centerpiece the arrow pointed forward. Except for the country specific attributes (crossbow symbol of William Tell and the Swiss cross) which I removed on my new plaque, there are 2 variants. On each riser, LH and RH, the arrow points forward.