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Florian Reiß

After a long search...

... the Talenta family found a suitable successor in Florian Reiß. The tradition of the Talenta bow is thus continued. Andreas and Josef Talenta sons of Werner both familiar with bow making as well as his wife Erika initiated Florian into the secrets of bow making. His background as a restorer brings the necessary craftsmanship.

Florian Reiß and Talenta

Florian Reiß has built Talenta bows from 1996 to 2016 with the utmost meticulousness and, above all, with a lot of heart in the matter. It was a great concern for him to continue building the bows in the usual quality. After 20 years of building bows in addition to his other work as a restorer, Florian then closed his workshop in September 2016.