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A superlative bow has found a new home.

Talenta, a resonant name. Could come from talent. From ability to do something very well or completely. So it is not surprising that an instrument that has accompanied mankind for thousands of years and still does today as a sports instrument bears this name.

A bow of superlatives. A sport bow with "know how", which was always ahead of its time and is still ahead today with its attributes.

The balanced weight distribution, together with its specially designed limbs give this bow a highly dynamic force relief that is still looking for its equal.

While other manufacturers have hardly used any innovative developments, Talenta has gone ahead with its ideas.

The result is a bow as the professional would wish. Highest efficiency, which means that all dynamic energy is transferred to the arrow.

(Paul Krenn)

Martin Kellermair

Bow maker with heart and soul

Since I was a teenager, it has always been my dream to build a Talenta bow. In July 2017, I fulfilled this dream and had Florian Reiss in Steinweiler near Karlsruhe in Germany teach me the original techniques of the Werner Talenta.


Martin Kellermair