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Chopsticks from the Talenta Workshop

The perfect gift for lovers of asian cuisine

The chopsticks are mainly made of Central European woods. They are planed into shape by hand from a blank. Each chopstick, each pair is therefore unique and reflects the charm of handcrafting.

Care and storage:

Wash and dry the chopsticks after the meal when washing the dishes. Chopsticks and other cutlery and kitchen utensils made of wood should not be put in the dishwasher.

Furthermore, cutlery made of wood should not be left in water.


If you want chopsticks that fit into a bag, they are 23.5 cm long.
If you do not need a bag, you can request a length of up to 26 cm.

Chopsticks from different woods

made from one type of wood

Chopsticks from two woods

With this variant, different woods can be combined as desired. When ordering, please let me know which woods you would like me to combine for your chopsticks.


Special forms

Special shape no. 1 - round tip

In the special shape no. 1, the tip of the chopsticks is planed round and ground.


chopstick bag € 16,00

ATTENTION: Only 23.5 cm long chopsticks fit in these fabric bags.


Food Safe Finish

I offer you "Food Safe Finish" by Chestnut in a small quantity of 100 ml for the care of your Chopsticks.

Apply a thin layer of the oil as needed with a clean, dry cloth and allow to dry for a few minutes. You can repeat the process once or twice. The chopsticks should dry well before further use. Wooden chopsticks and all other wooden kitchen utensils should not be left in the dishwater. Wash, rinse, dry and store in a dry place and you will enjoy your wooden kitchen utensils for a long time.

Price 100 ml Food Safe Finish: € 10,50.

Prices incl. VAT plus postage


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