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(Kopie 1)

By far more than 1 billion people use chopsticks to eat....

In the kitchen, people work with archaic tools, a knife. It is no longer used at the table.

Mainly in Asian countries, food is cut into bite-sized pieces before cooking. By cooking quickly and briefly, essential ingredients (vitamins) are preserved. In addition, the short cooking time saves energy.

The bite-sized cooked food only has to be grasped and brought to the mouth. What could be better for this than two chopsticks of equal length made of a heat-resistant material? Wood is ideally suited for this.

In some countries, e.g. Japan, it is customary to carry your own chopsticks with you outside the house. They are carried in cloth bags or wooden boxes with sliding lids. On the one hand, you know what you are using to put food in your mouth, and on the other hand, it helps to avoid waste.

According to Wikipedia, about 45 billion chopsticks are used in China every year, which is equivalent to 1.7 million cubic meters of wood or 25 million fully grown trees.

Owning your own chopsticks and using them for years contributes to environmental protection.